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Cushion Fillings

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Cushion Fillings - A new look for your sofas and chairs

Cushion Filling by Anthony Dykes Furniture

We undertake the refilling of cushions in sofas and chairs of all types, sizes and shapes. The fillings are supplied by the major suppliers to the furniture trade so the quality and finish are of a very high standard. Remember no job is too small for Anthony Dykes Furniture, but in some cases, with cushion filling, you will have to drop and collect the cushions off at the Glasgow showroom where we will make them new again. The reason behind the drop-off and pick up from the showroom is some orders would be too small for our delivery van to collect them.

The main kinds of filling are :: Fibre, Feather, Dykeswrap

Fibre – Deep soft comfort (synthetic) –- Non-allergenic

Feather – Best quality duck feathers – Lofty traditional appearance – Deep soft comfort

Dykeswrap – A core of high specification foam flame retardant filling wrapped in fibre.

Good support but comfortable at the same time. Resilient and non allergenic. Needs little attention to retain appearance. We have a resident Master upholstered at our Glasgow showroom so, if you existing cushion are brought in, they will be dealt with expeditiously. New cushion fillings can completely transform the appearance and comfort of your sofas and chairs which are part of your home and lifestyle.

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