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Leather Sofas and Suites

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Examples of leather from Anthony Dykes Furniture - Make your leather feel back to it's best

Will leather last?

Good tanning of the hides is crucial to leather's longevity, however the key to leather's strength lies in the natural material itself. The central layer of the hide is composed of a dense, interweaving mass of fibre, giving strength in every direction making it extremely difficult to pull apart and puncture. This said, leather is a natural product and will perform only according to the physical use (or abuse) it receives.

Will leather crease and wrinkle?

In use, quality leather will crease and wrinkle naturally, developing a unique, rich grain patina that features in the design of your furniture. This 'ageing' process is perfectly normal and helps make your furniture unique.

How is leather easily distinguished?

Every single piece of leather remains unique in style, hallmarked with its own character and qualities. It is, after all, a natural fibre and will always bear these hallmarks as a testimony to its natural origins.

Two leather chairs upholstered by Anthony Dykes Furniture

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