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Types of Fabrics

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Anthony Dykes Furniture Showrooms has one of the finest selections of fabrics in the United Kingdom, chosen from a world wide range including major brand and designer names from the UK, Europe, North America and Australia. To view the selection please call free 0800 731 1961.

Leather Types and Suppliers

Types of Leather - Contemporary, Grained, Distressed, Semi-distressed, Antique, Aniline, Semi-aniline

Leather suppliers - Bridge of Weir, Andrew Muirhead, Futura, Crest, Yarwood, ILP, Wildman & Bugby, German, Scandanavian, Dutch, Italian

Types of Fabrics from Anthony Dykes Furniture - Chenilles, Dralons, Velvets, Checks, Stripes, Prints, Chintz, Ginghams, Flatweaves, Tartans, Structured, Plains

Fabric Suppliers

Fabric Suppliers - Romo, Villa Nova, Kirkby House, Sherwood, William Morris, G P & J Baker, Monkwell, Parker Knoll, Crowson, Wemyss, Designer Guild, Andrew Martin, Shiela Coombes, Decorative Textiles, Linwood, S Ross & Co Ltd, Singleton, Linn Bowman, Sutt & Coles, Harris, J Brown, Swaffer, Balmoral, Harlequin, The Isle Mill, Warwick, Price, Busby & Busby, Sunbury, Moon, Mode, Independent Upholstery Supplies

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